DIY Tutorial: Home Made Led lighting for the kitchen


Here we have a nice DIY low cost project for our House: Led Lighting below the kitchen counters.

There are many led strips and bars in the market, but we wanted to do a full DIY project, so we are starting from the scratch: a bag of 100 bright white leds.

Because we want to protect our leds, and we don´t want to loose the whole bar in case one led fails, we are adding the resistors and connecting the leds in parallel.

We start adding the resistors to the leds, and connecting the negative pole of the leds with each other.

We did lines of 10 leds each, later we manage to do 30 leds bars.

Then, we are going to do the bar using a plastic U form profile to be the base of the bar and a cristal clear water hose to be the top of the bar.

The result looks like this:

We are doing 3 30 led lines and one 15 leds for a small cabinet.

It´s looking good. Now we have to cover this leds in order to have the indirect effect (and not being able to see the bars. We are doing this with some wood and some brown paint.

and now we add some paint:



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