News: M2M and the rise of Skynet in real life: Swarmanoid, the movie

Amazing (and scary) demonstration of Artificial Intelligence with autonomous robots, searching, learning and working together to achieve a task; maybe the start of Skynet? 😉

The project is called Swarmanoid, and here is the story:

Swarmanoid is a heterogeneous robot swarm in which different groups of robots have different capabilities: some robots are specialized in manipulating objects and climbing, some in moving on the ground and transporting objects, and some in flying and observing the environment from above. This video presents the Swarmanoid project, a 4 year research project coordinated by Marco Dorigo and funded by the Commission of the European Union.

This video won the Best Video Award at the AAAI-11 AI Video Competition.

More info on their official website:

(via BricoGeek)

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