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News: Mike Smyth’s MiniMechadon: it learns to walk by itself #robot

This is an old robot project from Mike Smyth (made in 2003), but still an amazing piece. The robot learns itself how to walk by success / error tryouts.

I have to say the most amazing part of the robot is the structure: the head made with the actual PCB and the legs in brass… very neat good looking robot here!. Check his website for more information and other projects he has made.

In Mike´s words (extracted from his website):

The main goal of the project is to experiment with learning algorithms that will allow the robot to learn how to walk, rather than programming it to do so. The physical design is intended to be a simpler version of my Mechadon robot (12 DOF). While simpler than Mechadon, I feel there is still enough complexity to make the problem interesting while not being overly elaborate. My hope is that the techniques developed with MiniMechadon can be extended to more complex robots such as Mechadon.


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