News: Nanode a Low cost arduino-like alternative with ethernet included under 25€

There are many variations and even copies of the Arduino board, but this one is worth trying it!. Its an arduino compatible board with Ethernet included. In their own words extracted from their website

What is Nanode?
Nanode is an open source Arduino-like board that has in-built web connectivity.
It is a low cost platform for creative development of web connected ideas.

Key Features
-Three connectivity ports: Ethernet, Wireless* and Wired Serial
-Can be remotely configured by browser.
-Can send and receive data using Pachube.
-On chip web server allows remote control of I/O.
-completely through-hole construction – so easy to build with readily available components
-breadboard compatible.
-100% open source.
-compatible with most Arduino shields and software.
USB programming interface
* Easily extended with JeeNodes Wireless module

Technical Specifications
16MHz ATmega328 microcontroller.
10BASE-T Ethernet controller ENC28J60.
Unique MAC address generator.
SPI expansion memory (SRAM, Flash or FRAM).
Compatible with JeeLabs RFM12B wireless board.
6 analogue sensor lines with 10 bit A-D converter.
Up to 14 digital I/O lines.
Can drive servos, displays etc.
Serial Inter-Nanode Bus – allows Nanodes to be slaved together.
-atmega328P core running at 16MHz.
-32KB ISP flash memory.
5V 250mA – USB or external Power

Remote sensing and control.
Web server and client.
Smart sensor networks.
Home Automation.
Energy Monitoring.
Machine Control.


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