News: Octolively Kit. Digital Interactive Led Surface #led #digital #arduino

This is what i,m talking about. The endless possibilities of simple projects. The limitsis in our imagination.

The guys from Evil Mad Science are presenting the Octolively: a digital interactive Led Surface.

Check this video of the surface in action:

It´s not cheap, but for art, live music, maibe restaurants tables, or any other purpose you can think of is a great idea!.

Octolively modules are tileable, digital interactive LED surfaces filled with ultrabright LEDs that respond in complex and gentle ways to stimulus provided by human interaction.

Each Octolively module is 4 X 8 inches (10.16 X 20.32 cm) in size, and features eight huge (10 mm) ultrabright LEDs, spaced along a two-inch grid. Each Octolively module also has eight infrared proximity sensors– one for every LED –to detect nearby motion, even in total darkness. The modules can be tiled edge-to-edge, seamlessly, in any size or shape of rectangular array. You can cover a full wall, or just make a long strip as narrow as 4 or 8 inches wide.

Check out their website for more information, and if you want to buy it, they sell it here.