News: OTOduino, the easiest way to connect the #iphone and #arduino #tutorial

OTOduino, from the word OTO (meaning sound in Japanese)  it´s an very easy way to connect the iphone and your arduino board.

With the app, you can control and monitor all your digital and analog ports by connecting the Arduino and the Iphone trough the headphone jack.

Itunes link of the app

Both «OTOduino» (repository project and a software modem project «OTO-plug» (repository which «OTOduino» uses are open-source projects released under MIT license.

These projects have been developed by an freelance engineer Akihiro UEHARA, REINFORCE Lab. (, web site is written in Japanese) who also provides iPhone software design services. If you have any question, send me e-mail ( ).

iPhone application «OTOduino» demonstration video:

 Schematic for the connections:


(via Reinforce-Lab)

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