News: We are participating in the Groove Toy Kit Contest from @SeedStudio!

We just received our Groove Toy Kit from our friends of SeedStudio.com to participate in the  Groove Toy Kit Contest. We were selected as one of the 10 finalist to actually build the idea to participate.

The contest is very simple; with the Toy Kit part list, make a hack toy, explain it to the SeedStudio team, and if they like it, they´ll send you the kit to actually build the idea!. It´s an fantastic oportunity to let our imagination fly away and a better way to make tutorials of every step of the building and to explain the use of each and every sensor we use.

Pack list of Toy kit:

1x Stem – Base Shield

1x Twig – I2C 3-axis Accelerometer

1x Twig – PIR Motion Sensor

1x Twig – Sound Sensor

1x Twig – I2C Touch Sensor

1x Twig – Buzzer

1x Twig – OLED Display 128*64

1x Twig – Chainable RGB LED

1x Twig – Vibrator

1x Twig – Sound Recorder

5x Grove – Universal 4 Pin cable

This isn’t a finalized part list, and we can modify some parts of it for you if your project rocks!

How the contest works (from seedstudio website):

Apply for this contest now with your initial idea of how you’re going to hack your toys with the Grove Toy kit. Each application will be checked by a real human, and then we will choose ten of them to go into the action phase. We will send out the Free Toy kit sample to each those ten entrants so that you can actualize your idea, and write down the step-by-step instruction. Demonstrate the result and send the instruction to us for evaluation. One grand prize winner will get a $200 gift certificate; two first prize winners will each receive a $100 gift certificate; three runner-up prize winners will each get a $50 gift certificate. Also, those instructions will be included in the product manual and their authors’ name will be printed on the contributor list. Of course, we will post the detailed information at every stage and make the process as clear as we can.

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