The SM-1 Project Part 4: Adding a Led Lamp and a Base @seeedstudio #arduino #ikea #ikeahacks

So, we now have a first prototype working, it talks, it moves, it knows when you move, but what is a lamp without a light? and also a lamp has to look nice in your house, so we are making a neat base to show the guts of the lamp, but with style.

For the lamp, we are using the IKEA OLEBY sun powered lamp, (this time we are only using  the led lamp, the solar charger we will keep it for another project). This is the lamp (allready without the solar charger base):

we had to modify it a little bit; add a screw for fixing it to the lamp base and extracting the switch system.

The installed switch was digital, and only worked when there was current. If we are controlling this led lamp with our Seeeduino board trough a digital output, when we set the D/O as LOW, there will be no current, and when set back to HIGH, we would have to manually start the lamp with the switch. I guess this system was installed to prevent accidental discharge of the solar powered batteries.

This is the inside of the lamp:

and here just the LED 4×4 mini matrix it has:

now, we add a resistor (to protect the led, because the original was on the PCB of the switch) and some cable to close up the lamp.

now it´s time to install it on the lamp:

Now, with the lamp light installed, it´s time to make a Base for the lamp, and for this we are using a photo frame… and guess where it´s from? IKEA again! 😉


This is a very simple step, so we are going to show only the results:

and we are adding a nice detail… som LED light on the base of the lamp:



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