News: The #Arduino #LottieLemon and it´s young creators!

This last weekend in Madrid, we attended the OSHWCon 2011, where we talked about the Internet of Things and presented the Ikea Annoying Lamp.

In the process, we meet Nerea and Ivan from the Complubot Team, who have designed along with the Arduino Team the new Lottie Lemon Educational Robot. This two kids (actually this young fellas, not kids anymore) are part of a team who has won several times the Robocup Junior world contest.

This is the video presentation of the robot for the Makers Faire in NYC:

Besides all the technical habilities, knowledge and techniques applyed to their robots, while talking to them about the Lottie Lemon design process with the Arduino team, and knowing them a little bit more, you can see the potencial of this new learning technologies in young minds.

To know more about the Arduino Lottie Lemon, you can visit the official Arduino site and i recommend visit the Complubot site, to support the Robotics for kids classroom proyect.


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