The SM-1 Project Part 7: The first working version of the #ikea #robot lamp with #arduino.

Well, it´s finally here. I made a first working version of the lamp for the SeeedStudio.com Toy Hack Contest which ends this weekend!.

Here are a few of the improvements i have done on the lamp (check the details on the photo gallery below):

  • -Improved the fix on the servos
  • -Servo to rise the lamp (instead of the base rotation).
  • -Base light fixed
  • -Manual Mode with 3 axys realtime remote control.
  • -Better fix on the speaker (sounds louder) and audio jack out.

The Auto and Manual Mode:

I added a switch connected to a digital input on the Seeeduino Board, to control which part of the code i want to be running on the lamp. This was controlled by an IF statement, if switch is on, play the auto code, if off, play the manual mode.

  • -Auto Mode: this is the standard code of the previous versions; the lamp responds to the state of the sensors. In this case we have only 2 sensors: motion and noise (as you can see on the previous post)
  • -Manual Mode: since the position change on the second servo (from the base of the lamp to the middle in order to rise the lamp, there was no sense on using the 3 axys accelerometer on the lamp (we can know when the lamp is up with the position of the servo). So i managed to make a really good use of this 3 axys accelerometer: as a control remote. If we have the lamp on manual mode, we can control the servos as a responde on the position of 2 axys (X and Y). It´s really fun. Also added a sound response to the hight position, this time instead of the «Get me down» of the previous version, an «Oh yeah», as you can see on the video.

There is a lot of improvement to make on the lamp, here are a few things I think should be improved:

  • -The code: i´m more a creative maker than a coder… it just need to be improved A LOT!!!!
  • -Independent power for the servos: these are high torque servos, and the consume a lot of power when working (specially when moving at high speed or when they are forced). You can see the problem on the leds when the servos are moving. It also triggers some times undesired audio playback (i guess the shield resets on low power).
  • -360º movement on the lamp: adding a third servo on the lamp head for real movement, will add weight, but i think is worthy.
  • -Stronger servo for the rise: or a weight balance to help the servo rise the lamp.
  • -Improved audio shield: to playback more audio messages. Right now it can only playback 4 pre-recorded messages. We could be doing a more attractive robot with more phrases and ideas triggered by more sensors, more states, etc.
  • -Ethernet / WiFi connection: to be controlled / control social networks.
  • -LCD screen: to display messages (alike the audio shield).
  • -RGB leds on the base: to express different «feelings» trough colors.
  • -Jump: this is something YouTube viewers have complained a lot on the last video; it doesn´t jump! we should be able to do something to make it jump?
  • -Base Movement: i was thinking on adding 4 spider kind of legs, but it will be on a not so near future… 😉

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