News: #Minibloq Beta released #arduino

Minibloq is a graphical programming environment for Arduino™Multiplo, physical computing devices and robots. One of it’s main goals is to bring closer physical computing and robotic platforms to primary schools, kids and beginners. If you want to see a short intro, you can take a look to the video used for the Kickstarter campaign.

Minibloq is under development. These are the implemented features in the last working version:
  • Easy: Just a few clicks and your first program is running.
  • Real-time code generator: It creates the code while you are adding blocks or modifying param values, showing the code in a syntax colored window. This way, Minibloq facilitates the transition to text-based programming.
  • Real time error checking.
  • Basic drag& drop with autopan.
  • Advanced interface: Zoom, cut and paste, dockable windows, and keyboard navigation are just some of the Minibloq GUI’s features. And there is more…
  • Embedded terminal: There is an embedded terminal that lets you send and receive data to your board through serial/USB ports.
  • All-in-one-ready-to-use-solution: This is «batteries included software». The package includes everything to start working.
  • Portable: It does not requires installation (except for the drivers required for specific boards, like Arduino™). It can run from a pen drive too. Oh, and it runs completely off-line, all in your own computer. More: You can have parallel copies of Minibloq, even with different settings running in the same computer.
  • Fast: I’ts a native application, compiled with C++ (gcc), using wxWidgets. For this reason, Minibloq is suitable for low end computers and netbooks. And, it also includes precompiled cores, it builds and downloads your programs really fast. Try it!
  • Modular and expandable: The user can easily create it’s own new blocks.
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