News: #Siri #Hack To Remotely Start A Car #iot #apple #iphone

One enterprising hacker has devised a way to use Siri to start and turn off his car remotely. Here’s how he did it:

I created a new ruby plugin that is used by plamoni’s “Siri Proxy”, a proxy server for Apple’s Siri assistant. This proxy server allows for the creation of custom plugins that can intercept recognized speech and perform virtually any function imaginable (programmable, scriptable).

The “Siri Proxy” plugin I wrote handles interaction with a php script that runs on my web server. The php script, which I developed months ago for personal use, allows me to send commands to my car which has a Viper SmartStart module installed.

Current commands accepted are: “Vehicle Arm”, “Vehicle Disarm”, “Vehicle Start”, “Vehicle Stop”, “Vehicle Pop Trunk”, and “Vehicle Panic”.

–UPDATE: Now it also responds to more conversational commands such as “Start my car”, “Lock my car”, “Pop my trunk”, etc…

The thing is, you clearly still need to have your car starter remote around, so why not just press the button? Clearly this is just a proof of concept and isn’t meant to be a standalone application (even if it had been an unsupported one). But it does make you wonder how things can and most likely will evolve with Siri and voice commands.


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