News: The waterpebble. #water use #tracking for 10$

Just a stone’s throw from «Simply genius,» this patent-pending, palm-sized pebble takes the guesswork out of water conservation by tracking how much water you use in your shower. Inspired by a hotel sign prompting guests to «please use water sparingly,» inventor Paul Priestman hatched a useful way to put the plea into action.

How it works
Once you’ve programmed this pebble, it signals a yellow light at your half-shower mark and flashes red when it’s time to turn off the faucet.

The real genius
This pebble incrementally shortens its suggested stop time, training you over weeks to use water wisely. Have fun with your timer by turning it into a clean game of race-against-the-pebble!

To program your pebble
Click the restart button on its base, then place it near your shower drain. It measures your water usage on the first try and flashes future finishing times against this benchmark, reducing suggested stop times by 5-7 seconds each shower. Polypropylene. Made in Hong Kong. Lasts 1 million blinks.

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