News: The end is near! #Japan´s Giant Fight #Robot that fires when you smile. #kuratas #arduino

First of all, i´ve been out for a while! too much work!, but this news is worth it! 😉

Second: this news smells bad… they special FX on the videos seems that is not even working!, but still, a good idea!

Suidobashi Heavy Industries, a company which sounds straight out of Metal Gear Solid, has revealed the Kuratas: A giant robot that weighs over four tons, measures in at a height of 13 feet, and includes BB Gatling guns that fire 6,000 rounds a minute. The trigger mechanism for those beasts? The pilot’s smile. It’ll only set you back about $1,350,000.

The team behind the robot consists of a mere two men: Wataru Yoshizaki, a researcher, and Kogoro Kurata, an artist. The list of features makes one wonder what the two were looking to accomplish with a diesel-powered killing machine. Any sort of wildlife wouldn’t exactly stand a chance as long as they were on even ground where the Kuratas could roll around. There’s nothing quite like watching the series of videos featuring the mech that have cropped up:

It makes me remember a lot theRobotech Anime back in the 80´s and of course, Robocop II, with this small robots on the movie!…

so, the end is near?


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