News: First interactive beer bottle

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Glow sticks are so yesterday, because we’re in the age of light-up beer bottles now. At least, that’s the approach Heineken is taking with the concept that ad agency Tribal DDB came up for them. Heineken’s Jeremy Brook, who heads the digital and media innovation at the brewery, dubs it the “world’s first interactive beer bottle.”

The bottle itself comes with a green plastic base that’s equipped with a wireless sensor and LED lights. Whenever someone takes a swig from the bottle, the entire thing sparkles. When there’s music playing, the light will blink in sync with the beat. Totally makes you want to dance or at least bob your head to the music, right?

Heineken’s goal is to boost sales, and I’m sure this \will help them achieve that goal–at least, until someone comes up with something better or until the novelty wears off, whichever comes first.


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