News: Your keys on the cloud! Never call a locksmith again!

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It’s 11 pm on a Saturday and you’ve locked yourself out of your house. You’ll have to call a locksmith. Then you’ll wait for him or her to come to your place… and, if you’re a New Yorker, you’ll end up paying about $100 to get back into your house.

But what if you could go a 7-Eleven and get a whole new copy of your key for about $20, instead? A homegrown startup called KeyMe has just installed two kiosks in New York City 7-Elevens to do just that. Three more are coming this week, says the startup’s founder, Greg Marsh. But don’t first go to a kiosk when you’re in trouble. You’ll need to have the foresight to have had a copy of your key scanned digitally beforehand.

Here’s how it works. When you first go to a kiosk, you scan the key you want copied. If you like, you are able to make a copy right then and there for $3.49, for a basic key, or $5.99, for a novelty one.

You may also choose to make an account with KeyMe and save a digital file of the key in KeyMe’s online database. Simply storing the digital file is free. Then, if you lock yourself out in the future, you can go to a KeyMe kiosk, log into your account and get a new key cut from the file for $19.99. Logging into your account requires your email and a single fingerprint scan.



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