News: Ready for the ArduinoDay 2014?

20140325-arduinoday_1 20140325-arduinoday_2   and what are your plans for the Arduino Day?

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  • Great news from Arduino!  Once again, Arduino will donate 30,000 USD to promote open source culture and innovation. This year, Arduino is soliciting suggestions; throughout 2014, Arduino is asking the community to highlight the 10 organizations which would best benefit from Arduino support. Arduino is based on the contribution of…
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  • So, bad (or good?) news on the maker world... like family business when they grow... seems some differences of opinions between the arduino founders have come to a split of the team... now we have arduino.cc and arduino.org... kind confusing right? Arduino.cc is the one we always have known and…
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  • The LeoStick is designed to be functionally similar to the upcoming Arduino Leonardo, but given the "honey, I shrunk the kids" treatment! Just pop it into your USB port (no cable required!) and upload straight from the Arduino IDE. We've even included on-board RGB LED lights and a speaker in this…
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