On Kickstarter: USB2Go, an ARM Development board that connects directly to your android!

Finally back here on the blog! it´s been some time since i don´t write a post… but lately there are some projects that you just cannot let them go by… and here is one of them! USB2Go… an ARM development board for your Android! quite impressive…

Let´s hope this guys make they goal on Kickstarter (until April 16, 2014), but looks promising!

Lets see more about the project! (Text extracted from their kickstarter page):


Small USB development board for Android. Smartphone powered, USB 2.0 communication, direct connection, open sourced API.


It’s an ARM Cortex-M3 development board that connects directly to your Android smart phone micro USB port. It’s powered from the phone so it has enough power for all sorts of applications without extra batteries, and when the device is connected to the phone the appropriate application starts up automatically.

For Who Is It?

Do you want to make a great Android external gadget like thermometer, thermal imaging, portable oscilloscope, devices for medical use or anything you ever dreamed about… Have you ever dreamed about creating your own smartphone gadget, but you don’t need expensive wireless technologies which need their own batteries, or you think it’s too complicated or just overkill? Than this is the perfect product for you, and the best part is… it is open sourced.

You Can Do It!

Are you an Android developer with “Hello world” experience? Do you know how to program Arduino? Are you a professional? Maybe you are looking for some DIY geek fun 🙂 Or someone who just wants to learn?

We Have a Solution!

For Android developers, we developed USB2Go API for direct control of ARM peripherals. There is no ARM programming knowledge needed and it’s really easy to use. You can control all GPIO’s, ADC’s, PWM, UART, I2C, SPI form our Android API.

For hobbyists, there is a graphical programming tool for simple and quick projects. Just plug it in drag a control on your screen and instantly you can control all ARM peripherals.

For professionals we have great USB API for ARM and Android for easy communication, with examples and template projects for quick start.


The Technology

USB2Go features ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller with USB Full Speed 12MB/s device controller. Our API runs on top of communication device class and uses two bulk endpoints one for data out and one for data in. Android 3.1 Honeycomb API level 12 and later already have built in USB communication support. So these two platforms together enable us to achieve high data throughput.

Arduino Compatible

Arduino extension board enables you to create Android powered Arduino projects.

via USB2GO
Support on Kickstarter: USB2Go


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