On Indiegogo: Cumulus – The customizable low-cost home automation solution

The Cumulus is an exciting new project. It will make your home a smart home. You place one receiver in your home which receives all information from wireless, low power sensors.

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So you can always check things like the temperature of your room, temperature of your fridge, see if your washing machine is done, if the light is still on, turn your lights on and off and a lot more – it’s a question of your imagination!

This is a great alternative to known exisiting closed-source solutions like SmartHome® or INSTEON®. Because this system open source, low-cost and extendable by Firmware and Software. A basic system of SmartHome® is around 500 EUR. This system would be around 100 EUR while doing the same thing.

The project’s components:

Base Station

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The Base Station is where all information comes together. It’s an addon board for the RaspberryPi, which attaches to the Extension Connector. It contains a Nordic nRF24xxx 2.4GHz low-power transceiver.

Sensor Node(s)

20140407 - indiegogocumulus_2

This is V1 of the sensor node – V2 is even smaller and in production!
The Sensor Node is a expandable, multiple purpose sensor board, which contains an AVR ATMega328P (Arduino uses this too!) low-power micro controller and a nRF24xxx 2.4GHz low power wireless transceiver.

It provides I2C and GPIOs to attach sensors like Alarm Sensors, Moisture Sensors, Temperature sensors and many many more. The Node can be programmed using the Arduino IDE or C/C++.

via: Indiegogo

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