On Kickstarter: «ORBIT» Flying/Hovering Autonomous Smart Device.

Again, more «smart» devices on kickstarter… but this one is different… look at the rewards… none is offering the actual product! kind of weird… specially for kickstarter… anyhow… here is the information fromt he Kickstarter website!:

«ORBIT» Flying/Hovering Autonomous Smart Device. With ORBIT You can do everything that a smart phone/tablet does all the while hovering/flying close by.

Being voice activated and intuitive you can now just speak commands and ORBIT goes to work. ORBIT can take pictures, Text, Make calls, Take Videos of an event for future viewing. ORBIT can display messages on its L.E.D screen play music and you can watch videos if you like, all the while its hovering in front of you. ORBIT- can be controlled remotely with an app via a cell or just hover waiting for your next command.Sound interesting? Yes it does.

20140414 - orbit_2

Hi, i have been working on «ORBIT» for two years now developing relationships with programmers as well as designers to design the outer casing and the internal components that will allow ORBIT to function as the most advanced autonomous smart device ever created. As you can see this is a very technologically advanced device and will be requiring a lot of hard work and innovation to bring it all together.

Currently I am going to be working with Movidius in San Mateo, California to develop the software for the operation of the Depth Perception, Spatial Awareness and IR technology. Software is being developed that will allow for a user to speak commands via a Bluetooth device that will allow you to control the direction, and the other functions of ORBIT instead of a handheld RC controller or a touch screen. You will be able to access all of the programs via voice commands, such as » ORBIT Wake Up» or «Launch/Hover», «Dock», «Goto Email», «Record Video», «Place Phone Call», «Play a Song» I am confident that in roughly 18 months we can achieve this goal as all of the technology is there we just have to bring it all together under one roof so to speak. Lets talk a little about the actual device. As for the actual Embodiment of ORBIT I am working with another company based in Laguna Hills, California «Titoma». Titoma has been instrumental in helping with the Injection Molding Process,Tooling as well and the Electronics design. In addition to the cylindrical shape we are also working on a Triangular Embodiment having a L.E.D screen on each side and three high speed rotors in each corner. I will be posting some additional renderings soon.But As you can see this is going to take a lot of capital to finance all the research and development that goes into a device such as this. I believe with hard work,determination and the inspiration of American engineers and scientists we can make this happen. Additionally, I am going to be setting up a newsletter publication for all those who pledge as to keep everyone informed and up to date on the progress being made. As of right now we are in the infancy stages of this new and exciting endeavor So please help me to bring this new awesome project to life.

20140414 - orbit_3

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