News: 11 Japanese inventions you never knew existed!

Boy… some of this inventions are just «from out of this world»… but at least is fun to see them and is interesting to see how some people really think out of the box… Enjoy!

#1 Edward Scissor Feet

How much time have you wasted clipping one toenail at a time? You’ll never get those minutes of your life back. But you don’t have to waste any more.



#2 Power Nap

Want to do your part to make the subway a weirder place? Why not try this chin stand? It’s for sleeping while you’re standing up.


#4 Walk & Wash

Just my favorite!!! Wish that your washing machine wasn’t so stationary? Now you can take your laundry on the go.


#5 You said whaaaaat?

Discrete hearing aids are for chumps. Why go small when you can go big?


#6 Hairless Noodle

We’ll give you a minute to guess what this is before we tell you. No, it’s not a splash guard. It’s for holding your hair back when you eat noodles.


#7 Sneeze and roll!

There’s never enough toilet paper around when you need it. That goes double when you have a cold. Lucky for you, the Japanese have thought of a solution.


#8 Ear Explorer

just a question…. why?


9# Seeeeeeelfie help!

This one is kind of cool, let´s admit it!



#10 The silent Karaoke!

oh, i have a neighbor that need this one now!!!!


#11 Enviroment friendly cigarrete lighter! (wtf?)

I mean… really? people is trying to quit, cigarretes are making huge fires… and you make this? let´s fall asleep on the woods after a cigarette…


#12 Wedding countdow

The best for the last… this one is kind of cool for a Bachelorette party… 😉


via: JustSomething




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