News: When Fashion meets tech – Anouk Wipprecht and her amazing designs!



So finally some interesting news and uses of Arduino!!!! Fashion & Robotics… it cannot be more Skynet that this is… or a Robocop early version? (and way much better looking?) 😉

Let´s read from Make Magazine the interview they made to Anouk Wipprecht (the Dutch designer that started this beautiful creations!)


Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht creates futuristic fashion that celebrates the beautiful nexus of fashion and technology. The main image on her website boldly asks, “What does fashion lack?” and answers it with “Microcontrollers.” From the dress that emits smoke when someone enters the wearer’s personal space to the cocktail-making dress that challenges viewers to a game of Truth or Dare, Wipprecht plays with boundaries in order to blur them.





She’ll be at Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend, giving a talk on Center Stage titled “Robotic Fashion and Intimate Interfaces” at 11:30a.m. on Saturday, May 17. She’ll also be revealing a new design that she created during her artist residency at Autodesk, as well as collaborating with Tesla-coil-loving ArcAttack during their show at the Faire. We connected with Wipprecht to learn more.





Read the whole interview in Make magazine.

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