On Make: The Cortado, an Arduino you´ll never plug in.


Our friends at Make.com have a winner again! (and even that this is an old post from 2013, but worth sharing it). An Arduino board, BT ready, capable of programming on the air from your IPAD!!!! (this feature is quite cool eh?)

anyhow, let´s let our experts at Make.com to explaine it better:

The Cortado from Punch Through Design is a new Arduino compatible board with built-in Bluetooth LE support.

Punch Through is better known for its iPhone accessories targeted at consumers—and software libraries for iOS developers—than development boards targeted at makers, although you might well have come across their Light Blue app on iOS and OS X if you’ve done any development using Bluetooth LE.


An Arduino compatible board with built-in Bluetooth LE also isn’t a new idea. The RFduino had a huge Kickstarter and is now in its final week of shipping boards to backers before opening to general sales, the BLEduino—again after a successful Kickstarter—is now almost ready to ship.

So what does the Cortado board do differently?


The iPad App
Programming the Cortado from the iPad.


Well, there aren’t any wires to be seen, loading sketches onto the board is done over Bluetooth LE, and that can be done not just from the traditional Arduino development environment but also from your iPad or Android tablet—and also via Bluetooth LE.

Which might well be the start of an interesting trend—with so many people moving to tablets as their day-to-day computing platform, it’d be unsurprising to see developers also moving off laptop and desktop platforms.

The Cortado will already be running when it arrives at your door.


The board has 8 digital I/O pins with 2 optional analog inputs, an RGB LED, and a 3 axis accelerometer on-board. It will even ship with the battery in place and, so long as you download their app to your phone ahead of time, you’ll even get a push notification when it arrives at your door.

Introducing the Cortado.

Like the Spark Core the board is very much designed from the ground up to be used as part of the Internet of Things. But unlike the Spark Core—which is based around Wi-Fi and therefore has much higher power requirements—it should run for over a year from the on-board coin cell. This board is intended for embedding deep within projects, and then forgetting about.

Source: Make.com

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