On Youtube: A collection of home made robot arms!

SO, just a normal sunday morning surfing YouTube when i saw a few interesting videos on robot arms home made… one thing led to another… and honey i can explain!!!!!  i did the robot arm post!!!!!

Anyhow… here it is!!!


1.- This is a very cool robot arm with DC geared motors! awesome results… Humanoid style… 😉


2.- This one is a typical industrial ABB type of robot, servo powered:


3.- Another industrial type of robot, but very precise… amazing done (but very bad background music!)


4.- This one seems quite interesting…  with wheel base!


5.- Amazing one! animatronic hand… this remembers me after the «I am your father moment»…


6.- this is a simple yet cool one!!!!


7.- And to finish… a street artist alike robot…  painting your own portrait!!!!


(Bonus video on commercial robots for 2014)

source www.youtube.com


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