Feature your Crowdfunding campaing on Arduinoarts.com!

Crowdfunding concept

In the past years we have featured some Kickstarter and Indigogo campaigns with excellent results. So far no criteria was taken only projects we fell in love with, but maybe is time to give this a more serious approach.

We can promote your campaign if the campaign meets the following criteria:

    • Has to be new technology related (beacon, smart products, arduino/raspberry/edison related, breakthrough technology)
    • Has to be starting (please no 1 day left campaigns!)
    • We should receive at least 2 pictures of the product.
    • We should receive (if available) an embed video code.
    • We should receive a description of the product in text format.
    • We don´t accept requests with only a link on it.
    • Please, overall have common sense, is a technology blog… we will feature technology products only


What do we offer?

We can do different levels of promotion, from simple social media sharing, to custom posts.

  • Social Media Repost (of your original content).
  • Featured post on the blog (20k+ views per month) + Social media original post
  • Featured on the home page of the website with a dedicated ad (payed service)
  • Featured on the Facebook page with a fixed post (10k+ fans on facebook and a 200 new fans per week grow) (payed service)
  • Product review (only with an original prototype). Will include all of the above + video tutorial on our Youtube channel (300k+ views). Payed Service.

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