The world’s first robotic bar


Say what? if this is Skynet is not as bad as the picture showed us!!!! 😉

Some info from their website:

Launched in 2014, the Makr Shakr Company aims to empower people with new robotic interactions, especially in the food and beverage sector. The company is dedicated to three core values: creativity, simplicity, enjoyment. The Makr Shakr bar system was designed by award-winning practice

Carlo Ratti Associati, combining future robotics with Italian design roots. The recipient of many awards – including D&AD and Core77 – it was developed in the city of Torino, Italy, the birthplace of Martini and Vermouth. Today Makr Shakr bar system continues with cocktail innovation.

The first Robotic Bar overseas!

MS Quantum of the Seas, a 1,139 foot-long, 168,666 gross tonnage vessel capable of carrying nearly five thousand passengers. Amenities include RFID luggage, floor-to-ceiling “virtual balcony staterooms” that display the weather outside on interior displays, and a craned capsule that lifts riders 300 feet above sea level.

It’s also home to bionic bartenders B1-0 and N1-C. No, really, those are their names. Marketed as the “world’s first robotic bar,” as makers we know that’s simply not true — BarBot has been happening in San Francisco for several years now with many magnificently capable robots tending to human libation requests. But I’ll grant them the title of first robotic bar at sea, until proven otherwise.


Either way these bots are amazing, especially for their movement and grace. The barbots’ builders collaborated with world-class ballet dancer Roberto Bolle to give the bots more human-like movement.

And don’t forget about the math. With 30 spirits to choose from, in addition to 21 mixers, sugar, mint, limes, and lemons, not to mention drink-making methods like muddling, shaking, stirring, and straining, the amount of “create own drink” palatial combinations is nearly limitless — and I want to try them all!

via Make Makrshakr

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