9 amazing drinking projects with Arduino!

So many projects we have seen, but seems there is a lack of drink related projects with Arduino… maybe is because of the “Don´t drink and code” ?


1.- The Inebriator – Arduino Cocktail Machine

Most parties we have been to there is a good selection of spirits and mixers, but no one has the inclination to make cocktails. This project is designed to make it as simple as feasibly possible to get perfect cocktails every time without the hassle of looking up ingredients or measuring spirits and mixers.

Grab a glass, fill with ice, select desired drink, and a few seconds later your cocktail is ready, to finish it off give it a little stir.

Source: The inebriator

2.- Brewbot V2.0 -Three tier Raspberry Pi and Arduino controlled home brewery

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Source: Brewbot

3.- Arduino MIx Machine:

Arduino Mix Machine is a prototype for liquids automatic mixing. Preset with various recipes of the most famous bar cocktails, it became a real cocktail machine.

Three guidelines have been followed in order to develop and realize the machine: the first one refers to electronics and to the develop of the control software; the second one comprises the entire building mechanical part and the third one is dedicated to the design.

Source: Youtube

4.- The Social Drink Machine


The Social Drink Machine involves a fully enabled robotic bar which prepares your dream cocktail, a Facebook application which you use to order the drink and also a Twitter bot as an alternative ordering method.In order to “drink with Facebook”, all you have to do is to scan the QR code writer essay
displayed next to the machine with your mobile phone. It will get you to a Facebook application which enables you to choose the drink you want. Once you have decided what you want to drink, the application displays a large QR code on your mobile phone. You show this to the machine camera, and you will get your drink prepared. Actually, a robotic machine will prepare it for you. All you have to do is to place the glass, which is then moved back and forth until all of the ingredients have been mixed. And if you wanna brag about this, the application allows you to post on Facebook about the crush you just got on the cool robotic bartender.

Source: robofun

5.- The Beer Piano

What do you get if you combine beer + piano ? Of course, a Beer Piano ! It’s just like any other piano in the world, only that the keys are beer cans. It’s actually better than a piano, as you can make it sound like any instrument you might imagine (harp, accordion, trombone, guitar, flute, helicopter, dog bark all are valid choices).

Source: robofun

6.- Reactive Led Table

Completion of a project. Two 24″ x 26″ boards (pegboard) filled with 818 blue LEDs, 160 IR emitters, and 190 IR receivers. All organized into 190 “nodes” and powered by two Arduino micro-controllers. I built the coffee table and sized the inner cabinet to accommodate these pegboard reactive buy custom essays surfaces. The array of white lights that you see when there are no blue LEDs on are the infrared (IR) emitters. This portion of the light spectrum is invisible to the naked eye, but digital cameras can pick them up. Simply: in person, you would not see any light until you interact with the table.

7.- The world’s first robotic bar

MS Quantum of the Seas, a 1,139 foot-long, 168,666 gross tonnage vessel capable of carrying nearly five thousand passengers. Amenities include RFID luggage, floor-to-ceiling “virtual balcony staterooms” that display the weather outside on interior displays, and a craned capsule that lifts riders 300 feet above sea level.

It’s also home to bionic bartenders B1-0 and N1-C. No, really, those are their names. Marketed as the “world’s first robotic bar,” as makers we know that’s simply not true — BarBot has been happening in San Francisco for several years now with many magnificently capable robots tending to human libation requests. But I’ll grant them the title of first robotic bar at sea, until proven otherwise.

Source: ArduinoArts

8.- Homebrewing and Arduino: the perfect recipe

Home-brewing can be summarised in the hobby of “make beer at home” and for sure is a wide spread passion all over the world including Italy where I live. Home brews are basically small scale craft beer makers and generally speaking people passionate not only in food and beverage but also DIY enthusiast that love experiments, recipe creation, row material transformation, process control and all the typical makers attitude.


Source: Make Magazine

9.- Open a beer with Arduino!

And the best for the last!

The guys from HackaDay.com (a blog we love to read) have come with a great project! (why didn´t i saw this before??). Watch the video and enjoy!

Source: Hackaday

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