On Indiegogo: smrtGRiPS – World’s First Connected Bike Grips

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The World’s Most Integrated Connected Bike Upgrade… Ever. Put the future of cycling in your hands.

smrtGRiPS are the World’s First Connected Bike Grips. A bike upgrade that makes your bike smarter, safer and more enjoyable to ride without ever needing a display. It seamlessly integrates eyes-free navigation, haptic feedback notifications and a bike tracker. iOS and Android Ready. All right in your hands.

  • Know where you’re going: Stay on track with turn-by-turn eyes-free directions.
  • Keep your eyes on the road: Know more about road conditions ahead, thanks to eyes-free haptic feedback vibrating alerts.
  • Keep an eye on your bike: Track your bike if it goes missing.
  • Find your bike: Have it send you a signal so you can find it in a crowd.
  • Stay together: Receive a separation alert you if someone in your group strays away.
  • It makes your ride safer. It helps you keep your ride in close site by tracking it. It helps you find your bike. It helps you stay together.

Check and support their Indiegogo campaign here.


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