Tutorial: Using the Carrefour Vacuum Robot as a robotic platform for Arduino (Part 1)

Last summer, my girlfriend and me got a beautifull dog named «Luna» (moon in spanish), a white Golden Retriever (you can see some videos on her youtube channel here)  it´s been amazingly fun but has a problem… the fur… the hair… the dirt on the house. This is Luna:

Screenshot 2015-01-03 13.36.55

I was looking at some robot vacuum systems, but the price is crazy in some of them (Roomba for 500€), and i´m not sure is worth for what i need… and suddently i found a great bargain in Carrefour Supermarket for 60€ (white branded) but with all the features (or so it seemed).

Since the price was very good, seemed an ok product, and had the features i was looking for, i went for it. Anyhow, the worst that can happen is that it ends as an Arduino Robot… 😉 and let´s face it.. i´m looking forward for it!

Here first part. Opening the robot, and looking the ease of hacking it in video.

I hope it doesn´t takes me too long to start playing with it!


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