On Indiegogo: TZOA Wearable Air Quality Tracker


What is TZOA?

Elegant wearable device that helps you breathe clean air #seetheair

What can it do?

1. Real-Time Air Quality Report

TZOA takes data from your immediate environment in real-time and turns it into actionable recommendations to keep you healthy.

For example: opening your windows for ventilation, choosing less polluted routes, and making sure you are getting enough sunshine during the winter (and not too much in during the summer).

2. Your Daily Digest

Open up the TZOA app at the end of the day to see your daily exposure levels. Your daily digest knows where you were located, the average air quality in each area, and how much time you spent there. It then provides recommendations.

This information allows you to investigate what happened throughout the day, good or bad, and helps form behavioral change for tomorrow.

3. Crowdsourced Maps

TZOA empowers you to become a citizen scientist. You will play an important role in building air quality maps of entire cities and countries, all the way down to your local neighborhood. With family, friends and fellow TZOA-users, we can all come together and build something that makes a difference.

You can use these maps to plan your route to work, avoid areas with reported allergens, decide where to have a picnic with your family, as well as using the data to promote social change.


Source: Indiegogo


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