Blog: The Internet of Everything

We are hearing constantly the term Internet of Things, as a new “trend”, a new concept, new technology… but besides of things connected to the internet, what does it really means?

We believe the internet of things is just another part of the internet, is the natural evolution of the internet.

We are a part of this progressive grow of the internet, first we saw the Web 1.0 where the big companies & retailers joined the web to show their products and sell online a few products in the mid 90´s. Then internet became a big part of our life when everyone could post information (from Geocities to Facebook) becaming a social internet on the early 2000´s.

But now, we can say the cycle has closed with the Internet of Things, creating an Internet of Everything. 

We call the Internet of Everything the smart connection of people, businesses & things to share in a smart & secure way data to improve our day to day life.

The Internet of Everything

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