9 amazing drinking projects with Arduino!

So many projects we have seen, but seems there is a lack of drink related projects with Arduino… maybe is because of the «Don´t drink and code» ? 1.- The Inebriator – Arduino Cocktail Machine Most parties we have been… Continuar leyendo


Tutorial: Using the Carrefour Vacuum Robot as a robotic platform for Arduino (Part 1)

Last summer, my girlfriend and me got a beautifull dog named «Luna» (moon in spanish), a white Golden Retriever (you can see some videos on her youtube channel here)  it´s been amazingly fun but has a problem… the fur… the… Continuar leyendo


On Kickstarter: AttoDuino – Turbocharged, Wireless, Arduino Compatible

AttoDuino – Turbocharged, Wireless, Arduino Compatible It’s like an Arduino on steroids – built-in bluetooth, battery management, and floating-point coprocessor, in a small, simple package. We love Arduino. But we wanted more power. So, we created the AttoDuino. It’s Arduino… Continuar leyendo


On #Kickstarter: 13 #arduino projects that will blow your mind!

While i was searching on the internet a list on Arduino based projects on Kickstarter, i couldn´t find a good list… so i made one! at least the projects i really like. If you feel there is a project missing,… Continuar leyendo


News Crowdfunding: hereO – The first GPS watch designed for young kids

The hereO GPS watch is the world’s smallest real-time connected GPS tracking device, created specifically for children three years and up. For the first time, tracking technology has been miniaturized to fit in a trendy kids watch. hereO enables parents… Continuar leyendo


On Kickstarter: USB2Go, an ARM Development board that connects directly to your android!

Finally back here on the blog! it´s been some time since i don´t write a post… but lately there are some projects that you just cannot let them go by… and here is one of them! USB2Go… an ARM development… Continuar leyendo

News: #Digispark – The tiny, #Arduino enabled, #usb dev board!

    The Story: We set out to build a little brother to the wonderful Arduino line of development boards – we were tired of leaving our valuable Arduino’s behind in projects, or worse, ripping apart old projects to build new ones! We… Continuar leyendo