Tutorials with Arduino: UV meter via Headphones out and #arduino (updated)

Here is my third proyect, it´s an level meter with led via the Headphone out of my mixing console with the Arduino UNO. Here is the device working on video (updated video in english using the Iphone Photostudio for arduino stand):… Continuar leyendo


Tutorials with Arduino: Making an Iphone Photostudio stand for the #arduino video tutorials.

Finally, we made the iphone base we were needing to make better tutorial videos. It´s a simple IKEA Hack of an extensible lamp. Here are some pictures of the new device and a video showing the device and a sample video… Continuar leyendo

Tutorials with Arduino: (F1 RC Car) DC motor driven by MOS Transistor

Hi there! This is a cool example of how to drive DC motors with Arduino, using a MOS transistor. Let´s remember almst any DC motor has a current superior than the Arduino can take (this can be applied to voltage… Continuar leyendo