On Indiegogo: smrtGRiPS – World’s First Connected Bike Grips

The World’s Most Integrated Connected Bike Upgrade… Ever. Put the future of cycling in your hands. smrtGRiPS are the World’s First Connected Bike Grips. A bike upgrade that makes your bike smarter, safer and more enjoyable to ride without ever… Continuar leyendo


7 Kickstarter projects that made 2014 an amazing tech year!

Oh boy… 2014 is already gone!!! January is already gone!! but still we can enjoy part of last year. In terms of technology has been an amazing year: The internet of things is becoming a reality (or was it Skynet?)… Continuar leyendo

News: Monkeylight – Display An Animation On Your Bike Wheel As You Cycle

Whether you have an actual statement to make, or just think they look cool, there’s no denying that the Monkey Light Pro will attract attention. The Monkey Light Pro has 4 bars of LEDs which are attached together inside your… Continuar leyendo