The SM-1 Project Part 5 & 6: Assembling and testing the #ikea #robot lamp #arduino

So, we finally have a working prototype of the lamp. We have installed a base, a led lamp, 2 servos, a motion sensor, a noise sensor, and 3 axys accelerometer and an audio accesory capable of recording and playback of… Continuar leyendo

The SM-1 Project Part 4: Adding a Led Lamp and a Base @seeedstudio #arduino #ikea #ikeahacks

So, we now have a first prototype working, it talks, it moves, it knows when you move, but what is a lamp without a light? and also a lamp has to look nice in your house, so we are making… Continuar leyendo


The SM-1 Project Part 3: It´s Alive!!! (the first working prototype) @seeedstudio #arduino

It´s alive!!!!! and it´s a SM-1 baby boy!!!! We have finally done it. The first working prototype. Born from the mix of the SM-1 Project Part 1 and SM-1 Project Part 2 posts. Thanks to this, we have the first working… Continuar leyendo


The SM-1 Project Part 2: Installing the servo on the lamp @seeedstudio #arduino

The SM-1 Project Part 2: Installing the servo on the lamp: I have to be honest: this is my first time working with servos, but not the first time i modify this IKEA Lamp (check this mod for Iphone i… Continuar leyendo


The SM-1 Project Part 1: Playing around the Seeeduino board @seeedstudio #arduino

So, we have all our parts ready to make our SM-1 project (aka The Annoying IKEA lamp)… and what do we do now? Let´s play around with the Seeeduino board and the Grove Toy Kit sensors. Here is the video… Continuar leyendo


News: We are participating in the Groove Toy Kit Contest from @SeedStudio!

We just received our Groove Toy Kit from our friends of SeedStudio.com to participate in the  Groove Toy Kit Contest. We were selected as one of the 10 finalist to actually build the idea to participate. The contest is very… Continuar leyendo


Tutorials with Arduino: Arduino controlled by Apple Remote (updated)

Controlling Leds by the Apple Remote (video updated using the Iphone Photostudio for Arduino Stand) The idea originated because i´m learning a lot on Led driven home applications for lighting, and the first project i´m doing is led lighting for… Continuar leyendo


Tutorials with Arduino: UV meter via Headphones out and #arduino (updated)

Here is my third proyect, it´s an level meter with led via the Headphone out of my mixing console with the Arduino UNO. Here is the device working on video (updated video in english using the Iphone Photostudio for arduino stand):… Continuar leyendo


Tutorials with Arduino: Making an Iphone Photostudio stand for the #arduino video tutorials.

Finally, we made the iphone base we were needing to make better tutorial videos. It´s a simple IKEA Hack of an extensible lamp. Here are some pictures of the new device and a video showing the device and a sample video… Continuar leyendo

Tutorials with Arduino: (F1 RC Car) DC motor driven by MOS Transistor

Hi there! This is a cool example of how to drive DC motors with Arduino, using a MOS transistor. Let´s remember almst any DC motor has a current superior than the Arduino can take (this can be applied to voltage… Continuar leyendo